Sexy Beach Zero

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Game info
Game: Sexy Beach Zero.
Company: Illusion
Release: 2010-10-29


5 Character
Ai (Real Girlfriend)
Three sizes: B88 / W57 / H86
Favorite food: pasta or pizza good food: cooking with herbs is nice (Filmography: Real Girlfriend)
"Hoo Ya! I love O! O Welcome to the South! Well, I enjoy the feeling Jaou Ikkiri resort with love!"
Bael Altarus (Des Blood 4)
Three sizes: B94 / W60 / H85
Favorite food: Candy still plenty of good fresh food: Greenpeace (Filmography: DES BLOOD4 ~ LOST ALONE ~)
"Kindly for coming. If it is good with me, please let me help you create memories of this island ..."
Rin (Biko 3)
Three sizes: B84 / W58 / H82
Favorite food: orange, honey sauce good food: cooking fat (Filmography: tail)
"Hello, welcome to the island where this ..., I'm really good ... I spend a leisurely island is good with!"
Hotal (DBVR)
Three sizes: B98 / W65 / H93
Favorite food: wine, champagne, good food: raw fish (Filmography: DBVR)
"Do not come Well, boy ... you will not get bored in the cotton system, I'll be around ... ... hope Ufufu, I'm doing?"
Setsuna Yagami (Battle Raper 2)
Three sizes: B92 / W58 / H87
Favorite food: Taishi Akira and from salty, sweet potato shochu good food: sweets (Filmography: Battle Raper2)
"Welcome to the Island Sexy Kimi ... stay safe every effort to ensure that I'm ... So, I hope you enjoy the tropical feel without reserve"
System requirements
Disk 1
Disk 2
Mount Disk 1 with file *.mds
U don't Run file Setup.exe, if u Run -> Erro
U Run file *.msi
Unrar file Addon v1.0
Copy all file to D:\illusion\Sexy Beach Zero
Copy file Sexy Beach Zero English to D:\illusion\Sexy Beach Zero
Run file Illusion Registry Fixer v1.6  -> Error
U install file dotnetfx40 ( Setup -> Restart Computer )
Registry Fixer
OK , U Run file English Patch
Wait ... And Finish ...
Run file English Laucher and config Setting
Check Hardware and Play Game

Password unlock :
U can download NET Frameword v4.0 Offline Installer in here

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