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Information about the game
Title: RapeLay
Genre: Arcade / 3D / For Adults
Developer: Illusion Soft
Publisher: Illusion Soft
Publication Type: piratka
Language: English
Tablet: Not required
Platform: PC
Format:. Iso
Size: 1.05 Gb
System requirements:
Pentium III / Athlon 1.4 GHz
256 MB of memory
3D-accelerator with 32 MB of memory
2.15 GB hard drive

Why would 'RapeLay' thrive in Japan?
In the two days since CNN.com posted the story on hentai games (specifically, the "RapeLay" video game), there have been thousands of comments, more than a million page views and many questions about how a culture can produce this genre of games and then quietly allow the industry to thrive.It is terribly easy to condemn Japan as a sexist and repressed culture with a government that chooses to look the other way. Part of that would be true, but the reason hentai continues to thrive in a country as progressive as Japan is a complex cultural issue.

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