Work No. Nozomi # 132

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作品No. のぞみ #132
犠牲者 稲森のぞみ
写真: 86枚
動画: 104分
収録画像 86枚(ZIP圧縮)
WMV 1.67GB

Work Details
Work No. Nozomi # 132
Inamori Nozomi victims
Photos: 86 pieces
Video: 104 minutes
The description
86 photos included images (ZIP archive)
Summer bloom. Every day, followed by hot days. Students enjoy out into the long summer vacation. OL not even working for a company to do that may have become. Enjoy the fleeting holiday. This time, she became a victim, "Nozomi" is one company working in the OL. Friends from a little less difficult temperament, like one person than anybody else! That was the type of woman. Such "Nozomi" It was a relaxing holiday in one spot in the pool in Tokyo. One day, relax by the pool "Nozomi" the devil put our eyes. The average model proportions look hawt. The small pool of people certainly conspicuous. No time had been abducted.
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WMV 1.67GB

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