I'm Your Birthday Cake (1995)

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AKA: Bu dao de de li wu
Genre: Comedy
Director(s): Wai Man Yip
Writer(s): Jing Wong (writer)
Studio: Wong Jing's Workshop Ltd.
Country: Hong Kong
Ekin Cheng , Wah Kong , Amanda Lee , Michael Wong , Chingmy Yau

The story is about Mountain Lam(Kong Wa) who's impotent and his brother's (Ekin Cheng as 'Water Lam') quest to make him happy again. A girl, Cher (Chingmy Yau), down on her luck and just out of a bad relationship, agrees to be Mountain's "date" for one night in exchange for $30 million HK. To overcome Mountain Lam's phycological handicap, Cher poses as his birthday present. Also stars Amanda Lee Wai-Man as Sorry and Michael Wong as a gay guy Honey, who provides the ncessary training in order for Cher to be a most seductive "man-trap." Chingmy looks incredible during the dance parts of the movie. Pretty funny film

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