Emanuelle Queen of the desert (1982)

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AKA: The Dirty Seven
Genre: Action | Drama
Director(s): Bruno Fontana
Writer(s): Bruno Fontana (writer)
Studio: Cinema 13 Cooperativa
Country: Italy
Angelo Infanti , Laura Gemser , Gabriele Tinti , Giovanni Brusadori , Salvatore Lago , Vassili Karis , Pany Herod , Finny Anderson , Timolis , Betsy Monterey , Maximilian Wolters

The ubiquitous sex goddess becomes trapped in a land war between guerilla factions in a mysterious desert land. Naturally, both sides want to claim her as spoils of war. Based on "The Time of the Wild Beast" by Bruno Fontana

Download Link : Dirty Seven.en.avi - 700.7 MB

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